American Beauty Sculpture Series

“The House that Ruth Built”

Spring 2011

This is the girl who will eventually want to be like Barbies, who are entrapped in the bars, hidden by the pretty curtains, that hung in the house that Ruth Built. The title of this sculpture was inspired by the classic nursery Rhyme, “The house that Jack Built” for several reasons. Barbie dolls and nursery rhymes both appeal to children and in this particular child’s tale we hear the catchy cycle and connections that all lead to this one big house that Jack Built. In this case, the house that Ruth, the creator of Barbie, built is a house of disillusionment that constructs a world in which younger girls grow attempting to gain entry to this false idea of beauty and thus ultimate imprisonment.


   House_Ruth_Built_3   House_Ruth_Built_1

“Just Two F***ing Barbies”

In this sexually raucous box, two recognizable children toys covered with equally identifiable fashion labels are performing a venereal scene. This piece is a commentary on the irony and discomfort ofexposing children to the indecency of erotic and superficial desire. The appeal and adoration for fashion labels and superficial consumption are preying on the younger generation more and more while sentencing and molding them to a life of desire. While looking at this pornographic scene, you will see that through the multiple use of mirrors, in the foreground of this sex scene is you behind bars—another depiction of the sentencing to exploitative fashion branding, consumerism, and entrapment.

Just_2_Fucking_Barbies_2    Just_2_Fucking_Barbies_1