The Beat Box

The Beat Box is short documentary that features a vibrant young man who has an unyielding admiration, appreciation, and what he calls a “God given gift” for rap music. Due to a very serious condition, Blake is willing to put anything on the line to get far with music and has already gotten some applause from Bow Wow, Lil Twist, and Rasco Dash. This short documentary captures just a bit of Blake’s passion, issues, and talents.

I met Blake last summer at Wake Forest where he was here for a summer program. I met him through one of my friends who share my same love for music. During a conversation in which Blake was highly vocal, I shared my reservations about music and the plague of it today. I also decided to push his buttons and test his stance on music. During this time, I realized that he and I had extremely different tastes in music, music politics, and more specifically the role of Rapper and Rap.

I audaciously called him lame for choosing to rap about everything these other “get rich quick” and not being “about that life.” Blake  then rebutted with, “ I don’t have all the time in the world to be conscious. You only live once, and I have to get on anyway possible.” I found myself consumed by his stance so instead of disregarding everything he had to say past that point as I usually would, in addition to hearing what he had to say, I challenged him that night to right something “real.”

The following day Blake contacted me through facebook, met up with me and “spit” what he had written the night before. I must say I was impress by his “conscious” attempt at lyricism and pondered more on the art of music making. Although the specifics of what Blake and I are passionate about do not merge and sync like my perfect kind of rap track that has a perfect melody chorus and bridge with soul puncturing lyric, to Blake’s approbation for a beat with clever punch-lines, I am admirable of his acknowledgment of the power behind music.