#SpeakBlack : Happy Birthday Jay Z

Download & Share #SpeakBlack Rep. Gregory Meeks Video Music: Jay Z,  “Minority Report”, Kingdom Come  I woke up remembering what December 4th meant before Eric Garner—today marks Shawn Jay Z Carter’s 45th Birthday and I am yearning for him and his constituency to make noise. Where is Kanye when you need him most? Where are all of those […]

So F%^&in Cheesy…

It was the first time I was in a cipher. A real one. Too intimate to mean anything to anyone outside of it. The 3 of us, stood, electrified in connection and pushed away the equally brisk European air. And if I ever knew what if felt like to be fearless, it was when I […]

Pilot, Hip Hop Ronin


My oldest sister, Gina, to this day has biceps that’ll make anyone fantasize about being in a chokehold—was sweeter than a swisher, but would kick your ass if you increased her temperature. I wanted to be like her. In her 4’11” stature Gina was my hero, the only smile-inspiring feminine badass I knew in Hood […]