Robin Hood’s Conviction

It is not a secret that most college attendees in the lower-middle class, graduate from their designated institution with significant amounts of debt. This two channel video, captures this trite and long-time downward spiral of financial constraints and metaphorically questions the advantages of pursuing a degree. Just how much are you in the hole?

In one channel of the video, I am literally digging a massive hole that causes me to exert an insurmountable level of energy. The other channel is  my colleagues’  yearly accounts of their situations and debts, or who may have dug holes that seem self-defeating and inescapable. This “debt clock” of faces, serves to bring this debt crisis to a more intimate level as you see the students (debtor) up close and personal. The two channels ultimately function as a holistic cycle  and equally illustrates sacrifice, resilience, and belief that although you are in the hole, the will-power to dig supersedes the debt one accumulates.

“Robin Hood” is the creation and creator of this film. This cycle is a life sentencing and again inescapable because of the domestic and financial constraint back at home that pushes “Robin” to pursue higher education.  Ironically, the institution leaves Robin and family with more debt than before. This video  inevitably presents the question, how and when does one get out? This places Robin in a dilemma of Telling the story that exposes the callousness of institutions/Universities.

Photos of Film Screenings 

Film Screening in Front of Financial ServicesScreening on door of Financial Aid Office at Wake Forest University

Door of Financial Aid No.2 Click Here for more information on this issue.

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  1. Great Job!!! need to know insight and information

  2. *Bravo Bravo* Girl you have talent and a strong mind to come up with this. As i become convicted i wont stop though. This world is a big plantation everyone will always be in debt no matter what, if we want education we have to pay. Keep me posted on this issue.

    • Thanks you so much, and I think you’ll be happy to know that “conviction” is NOT solely a consequential sentencing, it’s also standing by an a belief! Thanks so much for your support and watching! I will certain keep you posted!

  3. This video is amazing and so real. I’m currently living this situation. This is much needed inspiration. It needs to be featured somewhere on campus for all to see. Kudos !

  4. Love it Bentrice! Great video and powerful message!

  5. This turned out to be outstanding Beni!! Thanks again for allowing us to share our voices.You’re an angel!


  6. You have a unique perspective as an artist. I look forward to seeing more films about pressing issues that are not often addressed

  7. I think your penchant for amazing is 2nd to none. I’m looking forward to making my way back here!

  8. Dope! I hope Wake Forest actually views this and listens to the everyday struggle that has become a norm among students.

    • It is my hopes that do as well, but who knows. I just deem it my artistic and civil responsibility to speak on behalf of those who are going through this and speak for myself! Thank you for your support and watching!

  9. This is one of those issues that is more than likely brushed aside in political campaigns because it is assumed as non important comparing to other social/societal issues. But in actuality it is a huge issue. So you did a great job in executing this in a way that many individuals can understant. I hope this goes far because it needs to.

    • Thanks so Much for watching and supporting it. It is certainly one of those dire issues that gets overlooked and underrated. But is the easiest mean of keeping the lower class IN the lower class with the pretense that pursuing higher education will “Get them out.” Right.

  10. You’re amazing Bentrice!!

  11. This was an excellant video! Very inspiring as well as raising more awareness on the struggles of going to college

  12. ^ Jacqueline Wah

  13. This video was really inspiring & well put together, I love your creativity & the passion you have for Art. Good job baby ! I’m so proud of you, keep it up. Ill always be here to support you!

    – Your Half.

  14. There is only one word that comes to mind when I think of what you’ve become and that is “Wow”. Congratulations on this project and keep up the good work. #alwaysknewyou’dbeastar


  15. Bentrice, I Know I say this time and time again but I LOVE WHAT YOU DO and you truly inspire me. This is an issue that is really over looked and I love and really enjoyed your creative way of expressing how you feel about the situation. You are the voice for a lot of people through your multiple gifts and I want you to know I truly appreciate you. I am going to show this to as many people as I can on my campus. I attend for 1) an HBCU and 2) a private school. So it is very hard trying to pay for school with tuition rising every year. Love you Benny and keep makng a difference.

    • Hey Tyis,

      Thank you so much for your remarks man! This means a lot to me. And my sentiments exactly man, I wanted to presented this dense issue in to spell it out as simple and symbolic as possible FOR everyone! I can’t to talk with you about this in person. I love you. Feel free to share this with your colleagues

  16. Bentrice, i love you! I love your work! You are so very inspiring. This is truly amazing, and captures the feelings that we college students are feeling! Thank you for this!

    • Hey Jascynt, THanks so much for your support and watching this. I love and appreciate your voice as well! Just know that you, just like me are charged with a responsibly to articulate issues that our people face.

  17. woooow great job,the video is (speachless),keep doing a good job because you’re good at it..

  18. I got a chance to watch the video again.

    Thank you for doing this; as an alum, I think that at times, we forget for a minute that there are those coming behind us that are faces with similar, if not greater challenges in the pursuit of higher education. It’s just making me more committed, regardless of my “title”, to do what I can to provide better support, be it financial, access to resources, or just a sounding board.

    Thanks for holding me and others to it. Keep on keeping on, and know in some way, shape. or form, help is on the way…

    • Mr. Snorton,

      Thank you for your constant support and very thoughtful response. It does some ot the things that I anticipated when creating this short film; be self reflective; and empathic to the individuals’ stories and how this is a cycle. I thank you for your efforts in al capacities!

  19. You are so doing my documentary when you come home for Christmas break….love you I am so proud of you

  20. Karen Atkins (Ayanna Wade) mom says: -#1

    Bentrice..this is Ayanna’s mother “I am so Proud To You” (family humor) ask Ayanna But honestly I am amazed at the Thoughts of your Mind, the Integrity of your Heart and the Strength of your Spirit I saw you dragging that shovel when I was there for family week and asked Ayanna what you were doing. I had no idea you were digging so deep You are truly amazing!

    • Thank you so Much Mom, I really and truly appreciate your thoughtful and real words to me and am glad I could impact you through my art and my visions. I thank you also for reinforcing my motivation, because just as you pointed out my strength is not for me alone, it goes “deeper” than just the load my family and I have to carry… So I thank you for watching it and again expressing that to me… it means a lot!

  21. Blakeney

    This was absolutely amazing! I can very much relate to the stories of the students, and it paints an avid picture of the current predicament of our generation. Well done, and I hope a part 2 will come soon.

  22. Major Kudos for bringing the plight of many poc students impacted by rising tuition rates and heavy college debt. I must say this is a start and I am curious to see if solutions to this issue will be offered in the film. I do believe this speaks to much larger issues of the lack of generational wealth in communities and a historical/social context that made acquiring generational wealth difficult and at times impossible. Thank you for giving faces and voices to the many effected by growing student debt.

  23. Timothy Pagan says: -#1

    Amazing job!!!! I’m so impressed and you really brought to light issues that many people don’t know we face. I loved it… I like the metaphor of you digging yourself into a pit that grows and grows. The weight of the world on your shoulders. I’m so amazed by your talent . You killed it !!!!

  24. Amazing piece!!! You are extremely talented..enlightening the minds can be the start of change! Keep up your great work and dedication for change! -Yodi

  25. Bentrice..come see us at the salon soon! -Yodi. Yodi International

  26. Brittany Neal (PUPP C/O 2011) says: -#1

    This is an amazing story. Not everyone understand what we go through as college students. Being the first person in my family to go to college and the complex work that comes with being a student is only half the battle; the expenses take on a whole different life. So I thank you for creating this so everyone can understand that college is far greater than just the two or four years; it becomes our life!

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